Ongoing supervision twice a month with irrigation, mail handling and extra storm checks.

Housing supervision Standard, €480/year incl. key management

Inspection of the home 2 times/month when it is unoccupied.

  • Airing
  • Flush drains and faucets to avoid bad odors and vermin
  • Check terrace, balcony and garden and cleaning of wells
  • Check that doors and windows are closed and secure
  • Reporting in the event of any damage and pests in the home that may require immediate action
  • Checking and emptying dry balls (if they are in the home)
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants
  • Empty the mailbox and open important mail (by appointment only) to show unauthorized persons that the home is under surveillance
  • Extra check of the home after storms, such as extreme rainfall, to check for possible damage
Pictures and/or video are sent to the customer after each inspection of the home.
Annual advance payment required. Prices shown refer to supervision and services in Orihuela Costa and 
Torrevieja. For homes outside these areas, an additional cost is added.